Looking for a list of Engineering Companies in Australia?

So did we… This website was created by engineers for engineers after we searched the web for a genuine source of information but failed to find a comprehensive list of all the engineering companies available online.

For engineers still overseas or new to Australia we created a page to explain the options and opportunities available here in this beautiful country.

Searching for an Engineering job?

What is better? contact a recruiter or directly the HR department of the company? Did you know a recruiting agency might charge for an Engineer as high as $15,000, if you contact the engineering company directly, there is a good chance you will be offered a higher salary not to mention the reduce hassle dealing with recruiters.

You can use the lists to apply for engineering jobs directly to your future employee or to learn about the engineering market in Australia. Unless you want your CV rejected before it even gets to the recruiter, make sure your resume / CV is up to Australian standards.

Is your CV up to Australian standards?

If you are not sure we recommend you use one of the following website which offer free advice and also CV writing services:

Professional engineers have a large variety of options therefore in order to make it easier for I divided the list to:

What type on engineering job are you looking for?

Which of the following is you? click in the link for more info.

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